A considerable number of associations, organizations and bodies, either organize sector specific exhibitions and events in-house when preferring to conduct required operations themselves, or choose to delegate all organization operations to dedicated event organizing companies. Until today, we have had the opportunity and privilege to cooperate with a variety of organizations, towards the common goal of delivering a successful commercial or other event:


Athens International Boat Show:
SEKAPLAS P.E.E.Y. (Greek Marine Manufacturers Association)

Greek Aluminium Exhibition:
Aluminium Association of Greece

Spring Boat Show:
SEKAPLAS P.E.E.Y. (Greek Marine Manufacturers Association)

Panhellenic Association of Greek Dental Dealers

Seven (7) Panhellenic Unions of Folk Art Fabricators

Laiki Techni:
Panhellenic Association of Folk Art Manufacturers

Fur Excellence in Athens:
HAF (Hellenic Association of Furriers)

Association of Faux Bijoux Importers & Fabricators

Gift Show - Cyprus Gift & Souvenir Expo:
Cyprus State Fairs Authority (CSFA)

Industrial Subcontracting:
Hellenic Organization of Small & Medium
Enterprises & Handicraft (EOMMEX

Athens University Agricultural Department Week:
Agricultural University of Athens


ROTA offers an extended portfolio of services to third-party organized exhibitions; personalized services catering to every organizing need, ranging from the selection of a suitable venue to the press release that follows the completion of an event.

These exhibitions are designed and organized in accord to the specific needs and requirements of the organizing body. To above requirements ROTA further contributes its exhibition know-how and accumulated expertise, drawing from its long course of providing quality services to the Greek public so that organizers can achieve the best possible outcome in their goals.